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Ryan Lochte Receives Own TV Show on E!

January 9, 2013

E!’s Network President Susan Kolb announced that they will be airing a Ryan Lochte reality TV show, called ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’ Blair Stover has the Lochte details.

Beginning this April, there will be at least six episodes following the life of Ryan Lochte. The E! series will show Lochte preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, talking with the media, building his fashion line, partying, searching for the right girl, always with his friends and family by his side.

Kolb said in a statement, “He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun. Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: they want to be him, sleep with him or mother him.”

Ryan Lochte stole America’s heart during the London Olympics and will continue to do so during this series.

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Universal Pictures Names ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Screenwriter

October 21, 2012

Writer Kelly Marcel has been chosen to be the screenwriter for the erotic love story, “50 Shades of Grey.” Blair Stover has the details below.

Universal Pictures and Focus Features won the rights to the “50 Shades” series in March and released a statement this month announcing Kelly Marcel as the screenwriter. “50 Shades of Grey” is the first book in a trilogy, written by Erika Leonard who writes under the name E L James. The trilogy follows the relationship of a naïve girl’s sexual experiences with a possessive, billionaire.

Producing the film will be Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti. Brunetti stated, “We were all taken with the depth and passion of Kelly’s engagement with the characters and world E L James has created and we knew she was the right person to augment out Fifty Shades family.”

Marcel is known for her writing of the TV series “Terra Nova” and the Marry Poppins bio-pic “Saving Mr. Banks.” Marcel recently tweeted, “Beyond thrilled to be jumping aboard the 50 Shades train. Very Exciting!”

“50 Shades of Grey” has sold over 32 million copies in the United States alone.

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Cynthia Nixon Will Play Emily Dickinson in New Biopic

September 13, 2012

Cynthia Nixon has been cast to play the role of Emily Dickinson. Blair Stover has all the details below.

The actress, known for her role as Miranda from “Sex and the City’ will be cast to play the role of Emily Dickinson, in ‘ A Quiet Passion” as the American.

The biopic focuses on Dickinson’s development from a precocious schoolgirl to the tormented recluse she is so well known as being. Dickinson holds true as one of the best poets in American history and that is the reason Terence Davies saw fit to cast her for the role. Of the author’s more than 1000 poems written at that time, only seven were published.

The script for ‘A Quiet Passion’ was also written by Terence Davies (‘The Deep Blue Sea’), and he will also take over as director on this project. ”I wrote the screenplay with Cynthia in my head”, Davies tells the Hollywood Reporter. ”It was the kind of dream cast, which you hope for. I never for a moment thought that my wishes would not come true. Cynthia has such a strong feeling for her work and now she’s our Emily Dickinson. I am very happy.”

Nixon knew immediately that she wanted to embody the famous poet. ” When I read that Terence had written me into the character, he had done so beautifully on paper,” said the 46-year-old. ”Emily Dickinson and Terence’s words fit together somehow and create a heady elixir. When I put the script in my hand, I knew that it is a story in which I simply must share.”

Nixon was last in the U.S. series “World Without End” and “30 Rock”. In May, she and her longtime partner, Christine Marinoni, tied the knot. The two women have been together since 2004.


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