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E.T. Returning to the Big Screen

September 22, 2012

If you ever saw the original E.T. then this is going to be a huge treat as well as a rush of nostalgia. Steven Spielberg is teaming up with theaters and production crews to release the 80’s blockbuster hit with never seen before footage. Expected date: October 3rd, 2012, on the big screen no less, and Blair Stover has all the details below.

It’s a plot almost everyone knows: A goblin-like extraterrestrial being has lost his way on the earth. He ends up making a friend with the unlikeliest of people- a 10-year boy named Elliott, who hides with him in the nursery and tells him everything that he needs to know about his people and their world. As the stranger suffers terrible homesickness, he decides the boy has to help him find a way back to his home planet.

Spielberg’s original E.T. came at a cost of around $10 million dollars- a rather small production at the time. Yet it remains as one of the most successful films all time, or at the very least one of the most beloved.

E.T. is built on contemporary sci-fi dream images which deal with human values and the great understanding of each other’s problems. This film is like a good bottle of wine – over the years it gets better.

The hero of the film, Elliott, is played by Henry Thomas. It is the best acting performance of any of the child actors of the 80’s in an American film. He is, of course, defiant, slightly stirred, smart, brave and childlike. With his peculiar gait, the high screams surprise, his imitation experiments of human speech and his cat-like purring, E.T. is a perfect role in itself. The extra-terrestrial has become one of the most fascinating fictional characters ever designed and it reminds us why there are films being created today.

Set to come back to the big screen, now is your chance to experience the magic full-sized. Look for an early October release, and be sure to enjoy it while you can!

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