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‘Peanuts’ Crew Headed to the Big Screen

October 29, 2012

The Peanuts characters are almost 65 years old and are planning to celebrate in a big way. Blair Stover has the details below.

In 2015, Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and Sally will all be hitting the big screen in celebration of their 65th anniversary. The comic strip first ran on October 2, 1950, created by the late Charles Schulz, Charlie and Co. 2015 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the first airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Blue Sky Studios is teaming up with 20th Century Fox to create this Peanuts gang film. The script for this film has been co-written by the original creator Charles Schulz’s son, Craig Schulz, and grandson, Bryan Schulz, along with Cornelius Ulian. Craig Schulz stated, “We have been working on this project for years. We finally felt the time was right and the technology is where we need it to be to create this film. I am thrilled we will be partnering with Blue Sky/Fox to create a Peanuts movie that is true to the strip and will continue the legacy in honor of my father.”

The film is set to hit theaters on November 25, 2015.

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