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Michael J. Fox Prepares for TV Comeback

September 26, 2012

 Blair Stover has recently learned that the great Michael J. Fox has decided to make his comeback to television. While many remember his past announcement of Parkinson’s Disease, according to sources, Fox has made a breakthrough with medication that controls his symptoms.

Michael J. Fox was first known by most by starring in the sitcom “Family Ties”.  Fox also starred in the “Back to the Future” franchise on the big screen. Though it has been over ten years since Fox has starred in a leading role, he prepares to star in a new comedy written by Sam Laybourne of “Cougar Town”.

This new comedy will appear on NBC and is scheduled to premiere next year. The show is inspired, in part, by Fox’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Fox feels that NBC has been very supportive in the idea. He is eager to work with the people on this project, and he thinks that they are a great group of people.  Michael J. Fox is pleased that NBC is willing to take a chance on those belonging to the project.

Michael J. Fox is currently very excited about his new venture. He feels that he should grasp the opportunity while he is in a good position, as far as medication goes. He goes on to report that as he is feeling well each day, he doesn’t want to waste time passing up new opportunities.  Fox feels it is time for him to move forward with something, in order to get back to doing what he’s doing.

We wish him the best of luck!

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