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Channing Tatum Wants to Take on the Role of Director for Magic Mike 2

September 12, 2012

Channing Tatum, with his astral body, brings “Magic Mike” to a theater near you. However, let’s let Blair Stover give you all the HOT details about this steamy movie.

Tatum is currently giving plenty of cinema goers a reason to sigh: The stripper comedy starring Channing and his hot colleague Matthew McConaughey present their toned bodies to the public and for women, the atmosphere goes from okay to great. Therefore, the Hollywood hunk is already speculating about a possible sequel- but this time he might as well celebrate his directorial debut.

Is actor Channing Tatum (32) soon to go behind the camera again? Why not, after all this hype many of his colleagues have already gone before him and been successful. In a possible sequel to “Magic Mike”, he could soon be ready to put on his directorial debut. The Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh had led the directing of the first movie but he has no problem moving aside.

“We want to make ‘Magic Mike 2’ really, but Steven Soderbergh wants to actually retire,” says Channing Tatum about a potential successor of the successful film. And that’s why Mr. Sexy apparently thinks longtime assistant Gregory Jacobs or Tatum should take over as the ‘Chief on set’.

The first ideas for “Magic Mike 2″ seem to already be in full sprouting as Channing Tatum reveals: “We, the team and I talk a lot about it. We already have a storyline and it is to make you really laugh. It could be a kind of road movie!”

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