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Anti Obama Documentary is #2 Grossing Documentary of All Time

September 7, 2012

Blair Stover reports that the #2 Grossing Documentary of All Time is the Anti Obama Documentary, 2016 Obama’s America. The contest between liberals and conservatives in the political genre is heated as this documentary hits the big screen. The documentary has grossed $26.2 million, at recent count and, additionally, It has passed four of five of Micheal Moore’s political documentaries, earning its all-time #2 spot.

Remaining in the first position is Michael Moore’s highly critical assessment of the initial term of President George W. Bush, Fahrenheit 9/11. It has earned $119.1 million, though speculation suggests that 2016  Obama’s America will reach half of what that documentary did.

Without adjusted inflation or ticket prices, however, 2016 Obama’s America has already made more money than Sicko (2007), which grossed $24.5, Along with this, Moore’s Oscar-winning “ Bowling For Columbine” (2002) made $21.5 million. And “Capital ism: A Love Story” (2009) made $14.3. As of right now, 2016 Obama’s America has already brought in more money these.

Much debate occurred when Moore released “Fahrenheit 9/11” right before the election in 2004. “Guggenheim’s An Inconvenient Truth” was released in 2006 and became the #1 grossing conservative political documentary of all time, even passing , “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, which raised $7.7 million.

States where presidential candidates are hitting the hardest during election campaining (Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Coloragel, Ohio)  have proven the documentary a hot topic. The documentary, “The Roots Of Obama’s Rage” is based on the best-selling book that the conservative author Dinesh D’Souza wrote in 2010. This documentary began in only one theater and has now expanded to more than 1.000 locations.