‘Orange is the New Black’ Most Watched Netflix Original

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Aside from letting the world know its subscriber numbers and earnings figures in its quarterly shareholders letter, Netflix decided to throw a little fluff in the mix by saying their original series’ House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are doing extremely well. One will end up as the most-watched series ever for Netflix and is even compared with other successful shows on broadcast TV and cable. Blair Stover has more on Netflix success below.

Orange is the New Black is a comedy-drama series that debuted in July only on Netflix, following the lives of a select few in a women’s federal prison. It beats out House of Cards, another original Netflix series that has had plenty of success so far, as the most watched original Netflix series.

Taylor Schilling (the lead character) and her prison guard heartthrob (played by Matt McGorry) said that they are very hopeful that the series will win an Emmy in 2014. The show wasn’t eligible this year but the first season will be next year and new fans will be on board by then.

In September, Netflix was nominated in 14 Emmy categories for Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and House of Cards. House of Cards beat out shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. The fan base is expected to grow exponentially for both Netflix series in the coming months and that makes Netflix just as excited as the fans.

Are you an ‘Orange is the New Black’ fan?

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